mercredi 23 mai 2012

The Crusaders - Standing Tall (Smooth Jazz)

01. Standing Tall 
02. I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today 
03. Sunshine in Your Eyes 
04. This Old World's Too Funky for Me 
05. Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) 
06. Longest Night 
07. Reprise (I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today) 

 This LP by the Crusaders was released in 1981 on MCA Records and features special guest Joe Cocker on vocals, the Crusaders are Wilton Felder on saxophone and bass, Stix Hooper on drums and Joe Sample on piano, the other players are Barry Finnerty, David T. Walker, Larry Carlton, Reggie Young, Steve Gibson, Jon Goin and Dean Parks on guitars, Marcus Miller and Louis Johnson on bass, Billy Preston on organ and Paulinho Da Costa on percussion, plus background vocals.

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