vendredi 31 octobre 2008

Sun - Wanna Make Love ( Funk )

1. Live On, Dream On
2. Tell The People
3. My Woman
4. They're Calling For Me
5. Wanna Make Love
6. Love Is Never Sure
7. Show Is Over
8. It's Killing Me
9. Give Your Love To Me

One of the greatest records ever cut by Sun -- the late 70s funk group who some excellent albums for Capitol Records -- a group whose records never made the charts as strongly as their contemporaries, but not for lack of quality! This set's a great batch of heavy ensemble funk with an edge that's not always heard on other Sun records -- lots of razor-sharp guitars riffing away in saw-cut modes, striking hard at the grooves of the record, and chilling out nicely for the mellower cuts. The blend is wonderful -- totally tight, and totally top-shelf all the way through -- yet never in a commercial way at all. Titles include "Wanna Make Love", "My Woman", "Live On Dream On", "The Show Is Over", "Love Is Never Sure", and "They're Calling For Me".

John Coltrane - Giant Steps ( Jazz )

1. Giant Steps
2. Cousin Mary
3. Countdown
4. Spiral
5. Syeeda's Song Flute
6. Naima
7. Mr. P.C.
8. Giant Steps
9. Naima
10. Cousin Mary
11. Countdown
12. Syeeda's Song Flute


Easily one of the best Trane cd's...and greatest jazz recordings of the 20th century. At this point in his career, Trane was moving away from his 'sheets of sound' years where he would spend hours before a set, working out harmonies from the chord changes to come up with the 'perfect solo'. With the help of working with Miles Davis on KIND OF BLUE, Trane was shown the light in using modes in his recordings. While 'Giant Steps' isn't as musically free as 'A Love Supreme' or 'Interstellar Space' it is still technically efficient as far as its place within a more structured jazz model. My favorite tracks are the hard swinging 'Spiral' and 'Mr. P.C.', reminiscent of big-band Mingus recordings of the era. Other highlights are the two most popular songs - 'Cousin Mary' and 'Naima,' the latter of which is a tribute to his first wife. He also has another tribute to her after they split called 'Wise One' and can be found on the album CRESCENT. While any fan of good jazz would love this album, it's still a great introduction to those new to jazz. I believe this album is much more accessible than KIND OF BLUE, as it is much more upbeat - you want to dance or snap your fingers to it.

mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers ( Reggae )

1. Rockers Dub
2. Up Warrika Hill
3. Cassava Piece
4. Tubby's Dub Song
5. Jah Dread
6. Brace A Boy
7. Thunder Clap
8. Park Lane Special
9. New Style
10. AP Special
11. Tubby's Dub Song (dub version 2)
12. Brace A Boy (dub version 2)


In retrospect, it's difficult to believe that this remarkable dub recording dates from 1979. Augustus Pablo, a musician of undervalued imagination and talent, lays down some eerie and hauntingly beautiful dub on this project, which came during the peak of his creative and commercial success. Accented by his thin, arching melodica, Pablo's dub is deep and heady, barely giving way to the percolating vocals that only suggest melodies and lyrics, rather than stating them outright. Original Rockers was recorded at the legendary studio of the great reggae producer King Tubby, and though the recording quality varies wildly, the thoughtful, quiet dub moves forward without hesitation.

lundi 27 octobre 2008

Ismael Miranda - Asi Se Compone un Son ( Salsa )

1. Asi Se Compone Un Son
2. Nicolas
3. Salvame
4. Mulence
5. Me Voy Pa Colombia
6. Cuidate Bien
7. Ahora Si
8. Las Cuarentas
9. Sonerito
10. Ahora Es Que Estoy Sabroso


With the musical training he picked up from various bands and sextets, Ismael Miranda built the foundation of his future professional career. He was only 19 years old when he joined the talented Fania Records family. The intense pressure exerted by the label to release a weekly production suited Ismael, who participated in these performances as a member of the chorus. It didn't take long for Larry Harlow to discover the young artist's talent and potential. He approached Ismael and offered to officially introduce him to the music world with the album "Orquesta Harlow Presenta a Ismael Miranda" ("The Harlow Orchestra Presents Ismael Miranda"). From then on, Ismael collaborated with the orchestra on successive recordings, making a name for himself as a composer. Many of the songs he wrote had a long-lasting impact, and became wildly successful with fans. By 1973, he was an established musician. He burst onto the scene with the album "Así se compone un son," which launched a new stage of his career. Now, he fronted his own band, and went on to break sales and popularity records, taking Latin America, Europe, and the United States by storm.

dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Glen Brown & King Tubby - Termination Dub ( Reggae )

1. Wicked Tumbling Version
2. Termination Dub
3. Save Our Dub
4. Leggo The Herbman Dub
5. World Dub: Away With The Bad
6. Dub Universal
7. Wicked Can't Run This
8. Assack Lawn No.1 Dub Version 1
9. Assack Lawn No.1 Dub Version 2
10. Father For The Living Dubwise
11. There's Dub
12. Version 78 Style
13. Lambs Bread Dubwise
14. Melodica International


A combination of Rhythm Master Glen Brown and Dubmaster King Tubby that just can't miss! Glen's superheavy rhythms, raw and melodic at the same time, are dubbed to perfection by the master. Several cuts prominently feature the tenor sax of Richard 'Dirty Harry' Hall, most notably the title track, a previously unreleased Tubby dub of Glen's famous 'Dirty Harry' rhythm

jeudi 23 octobre 2008

DeBarge - In A Special Way ( Soul, Funk, RnB )

1. Be My Lady
2. Stay With Me
3. Time Will Reveal
4. Need Somebody
5. Love Me In A Special Way
6. Queen Of My Heart
7. Baby, Won't Cha Come Quick 4:35 $0.99
8. I Give Up On You 3:46 $0.99
9. A Dream


In A Special Way is a 1983 album released by family singing group DeBarge released on the Gordy label.
Produced, by El DeBarge and the writing credits varying from El, Marty, James and Bunny, the album reached gold after the releases of the following singles "Time Will Reveal" and "Love Me In a Special Way", which hit number one on the Billboard R&B and adult contemporary singles chart respectively.
The album is most memorable for not only its singles but album tracks such as "Stay with Me" (led by El DeBarge) and "A Dream" (sung and penned by sister Bunny). The album has been regarded by some critics as a "classic" in the family group's catalog.

mercredi 22 octobre 2008

The Blackbyrds - Flying Start (Funk, Soul )

1. I Need You
2. Baby
3. Love Is Love
4. Blackbyrds' Theme
5. Walking in Rhythm
6. Future Children, Future Hopes
7. April Showers
8. Spaced Out


The Blackbyrds is a former rhythm and blues and jazz-funk fusion group, formed in Washington, D.C. in 1973.
The group was led by trumpeter Donald Byrd and featured some of his Howard University students: Kevin Toney (keyboards), Keith Killgo (vocals, drums), Joe Hall (bass guitar), Allan Barnes (saxophone, clarinet), and Barney Perry (guitar). Orville Saunders (guitar), and Jay Jones (flute, saxophone) were later members of the group. They signed to Fantasy Records in 1973. They are best known for their 1975 hit "Walking in Rhythm", which received a Grammy nomination.

vendredi 17 octobre 2008

Dennis Brown - The Best Of The Joe Gibbs Years ( Reggae )

1. Deliverance Will Come
2. Black Liberation Time
3. Money In My Pocket
4. Malcolm X
5. Oh Mother
6. Ain't That Loving You
7. Rasta Children
8. Coming Home Tonight
9. So Jah Say
10. Sitting And Watching
11. The World Is Troubled
12. Hold On To What You Got
13. A Little Bit More
14. Lovelight

One of Brown's biggest hits, "Money In My Pocket," was a product of the collaboration, and that tune is featured here in its 12-inch ... Full Description version, along with other roots and lovers rock classics.

lundi 13 octobre 2008

Willie Rosario - Selecciones Fania ( Salsa )

1. El Bravo De Siempre
2. No Llores Corazon
3. La Esencia Del Guaguanco
4. De Barrio Obrero A La 15
5. La RealidaD
6. La Cuesta De La Fama
7. Consorte
8. Antonia
9. Yo Se De Mi
10. La Vida

Conocido alrededor del mundo como “Mr. Afinque” el gran percusionista y líder de orquesta Willie Rosario se enamoro de los timbales tras presenciar un concierto del legendario Tito Puente en el famoso Palladium Ballroom en la ciudad de Nueva York.
Después de estudiar los timbales con el prestigioso Herry Adler, el joven Willie Rosario fundo su primera orquesta en 1959, e inmediatamente difundió su espectáculos en el legendario Caborrojeño en la Gran Manzana. Alcanzando una reputación sólida como un timbalero versátil, Rosario también se destaco como locutor de radio.
En 1962 las puertas se abren para Willie Rosario cuando Al Santiago—fundador de la disquera Alegre Records—lo invita a ser parte de su nueva empresa. Como parte de Alegre, Rosario viajo a través de América Latina, cementando su leyenda artística.
Hoy en día Rosario es reconocido por sus éxitos “ Too Too Much” y “El Barrio Obrero La Quince.” Su legendaria orquesta ha servido como una “universidad musical” para varias generaciones de músicos y hoy en día, Rosario se consagra como uno de los artistas más vitales en la música latina.

Willie Rosario a.k.a. "Mr. Afinque" (born May 6, 1930 in Coamo, Puerto Rico) is a musician, composer and bandleader of salsa music.

samedi 11 octobre 2008

Yellowman - Just Cool ( Reggae )

1. Getting Divorce
2. No Mention
3. Ain't No Donna But You
4. In a Dis
5. Life Story
6. Woman a No Something Fi You Ramp Wid
7. Jamaica a Fi Wi Country
8. Sometime a Lie
9. Build a Roof Over Your Head
10. The Rat
11. Rub a Dub a Play
12. Hold On To Your Woman

The title may be misleading as it is in fact a Yellowman & Fathead combination. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic set.they have done a good job in mastering this release. A must have.

jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Musiq - Juslisen ( Soul, RnB )

1. Intro
2. Newness
3. Caughtup
4. Stopplayin
5. Religious
6. Babygirl
7. Halfcrazy
8. Time
9. Future
10. Intermission
11. Realove
12. Onenight
13. Previouscats
14. Solong
15. Bestfriend
16. Dontchange
17. Motherfather
18. Something


Taalib Johnson (born September 16, 1977) better known by his stage name Musiq Soulchild or Musiq is a soul artist whose style blends contemporary R&B, soul, funk, alternative, blues, jazz and hip hop.
The second album from Philadelphia's Musiq keeps the quality level high, mixing equal parts Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, and D'Angelo to good effect. Musiq's voice has noticeably matured--the puppy edge of Aijuswanaseing is gone--resulting in a rich tone that reflects a stylistic progression in his music. He's also expanded into new areas, including a slight touch of bossa nova on the excellent "Half Crazy." Meanwhile, "Caught Up" and "Religious" have a late-'80s Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy feel, heralding a tougher hip-hop sound than the spangle-eyed, jelly-kneed love paeans Musiq included on the first album (such as "Girl Next Door" and "143"). Having said that, Aijuswanaseing remains the essential Musiq starting point, as there's little here that matches the genius of "Speechless" or "You Be Alright." But for those who want to hear the sound of an artist growing up, Juslisen is required listening.
Musiq states “I like to make music that means something to people, nowadays there are so many categories and labels, I just wanna make music that matters!”

mardi 7 octobre 2008

Norman Connors - Invitation ( Soul, Jazz )

1. Your Love
2. Handle Me Gently
3. Be There In The Morning
4. Invitation
5. Together
6. Disco Land
7. I Have A Dream
8. Beijo Partido


Norman Connors (born March 1, 1947 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American jazz drummer.
Norman Connors became interested in jazz as a child, and began playing drums early, once sitting in for Elvin Jones at a John Coltrane performance he attended while in middle school. Connors studied music at Temple University and Juilliard; his first recording was on Archie Shepp's 1967 release, Magic of JuJu. He played with Pharaoh Sanders for the next few years until signing with Cobblestone Records in 1972 and releasing his first record as a bandleader. In the mid-1970s, Connors began focusing more on R&B tunes, and had several US hits with songs featuring vocalists such as Michael Henderson, Jean Carn, and Phyllis Hyman. The most successful of these was "You Are My Starship". His more recent work has seen him operating more in the vein of smooth jazz and urban crossover music.

samedi 4 octobre 2008

Johnny Osbourne - Greensleeves Most Wanted ( Reggae )

1. Fally Ranking
2. Trench Town School
3. Ice Cream Love
4. Back Off
5. Trying To Turn Me On
6. Give A Little Love
7. Angel In My Arms
8. Water Pumping
9. Rewind
10. In The Area
11. Buddy Bye Bye
12. No Sound Like We
13. Dub Plate Playing
14. Struggle Ha Fi Gwan
15. Trickster


Following on from the very successful series of compilations entitled `Most Wanted’, which featured albums from Wailing Souls, Yellowman, Ranking Dread and Eek-a Mouse, comes the next installment from Johnny Osbourne which puts the superb singer under the spotlight with a collection of essential tracks from the Greensleeves vaults.
Includes full-length extended versions of tracks previously only available on 12” such as `Fally Ranking’, `Back Off’ and `Trickster’ appearing on CD here for the first time.
Produced by Prince Jammy, Linval Thompson and Gussie Clarke.

jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Revelation - Revelation LP ( Soul )

01 - Get Ready For This
02 - Where It's Warm
03 - We've Gotta Survive
04 - Just Too Many People
05 - Haven't Got ALover To My Name
06 - What Good Am I (Without You)
07 - I Can't Move No Mountains
08 - You're Sure To Find Me (Waiting For You)
09 - Sweet Talk And Memories