lundi 21 mai 2012

Smoke - Risin' (Soul)

A1. I Can Feel Your Love
 A2. I'm So Glad You Came Along
 A3. Rainy Night
 A4. Cream Of The Crop
 A5. I'm So Lonely
 B1. Have I Really Love You
 B2. Now You're Gone
 B3. You Will Always Be A Part Of Me
 B4. Don't Take Your Love
 B5. Make Believe

The strength for me in the recording is the diversity of sounds on offer. There is ‘I’m so glad’ with a captivating two-step arrangement and vocal reminiscent of Leroy Hutson, the lead also giving the more bouncy ‘You will always’ a commercial edge. Then we have a glorious falsetto with incredible clarity exhibited on ‘Now you’re gone’ and ‘Don’t take your love’. And we also have a tenor with a gruff edge that the Ebonys would have enjoyed. He drains every strand of his vocal chords with his expressive charge in the sombre, organ-lead ‘I’m so lonely’, an 8 minute opus, and the similarly toned ‘Make believe’, with some mighty fine harmonies. Also special mention to ‘Have I really lost you’ as possibly the best vocal showcase for the group.

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Anonyme a dit…

Anonyme a dit…

My dad was the lead on Im so lonely.....never knew how know there group