dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Johnny Robinson - Memphis High (Funk/Soul)

1. Funky Feet 
2. We Are Gonna Make It 
3. For Your Love 
4. Kansas City 
5. God Is Love 
6. Slip Away 
7. Nothing Can Touch This Love 
8. Lady Doctor 
9. Person To Person 
10. Reconsider Me 
11. Don't Take It So Hard

Johnny Robinson's sole studio LP remains a lost classic of Memphis soul. Produced by Willie Mitchell during one of his rare sabbaticals from the Hi Records stable, Memphis High captures a rougher, earthier sound than Mitchell's landmark work for Al Green or Ann Peebles but proves well suited to Robinson's gritty, impassioned approach. Robinson is a quintessential deep soul balladeer, rooted in gospel and haunted by demons. Mitchell's slow-burning arrangements mirror the intensity of his subject, evoking the purity and turmoil of his psyche.

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