mardi 13 novembre 2012

Ralph Tresvant - Ralph Tresvant (RNB)

1. Rated R 
2. Sensitivity 
3. She's My Love Thang 
4. Stone Cold Gentleman 
5. Do What I Gotta Do 
6. Love Hurts 
7. Girl I Can't Control It 
8. Love Takes Time 
9. Public Figure (Ordinary Guy) 
10. Last Night 
11. I Love You (Just For You) 
12. Alright Now 
13. Sensitivity 
14. Sensitivity (Ralph's Rap) 

 Ralph Tresvant is undoubtedly one of the most attractive, smooth heartthrobs in the music industry. He has this subtle sexiness about himself that women just can't deny. Further, he also has a very nice singing voice. Hey, he wasn't New Edition's lead singer for nothing! His self-titled debut, although solid, is more of a hit and miss than anything. The best songs on this album are memorable, but his more lackluster tracks really brought the album down. His biggest missteps were his rapping and that a lot of the material on his debut sound dated, with so much of the New Jack sound infused. The New Jack sound is all over the tracks "Ordinary Guy (Public Figure)", "She's My Love Thang" and "Girl I Can't Control It." "Girl I Can't Control" is one of the weaker songs on Ralph's debut. The lyrics are corny and the production sounds like it was created within five minutes. Vocally, though, he sounds good. "Ordinary Guy (Public Figure)" is a decent song. Ralph needs to leave the rapping to the rappers, but the rap on this song? The lyrics are good. He's letting everyone who doubts him know that he is very intelligent and can do more than just hold a note. "Rated R" is the opening track, however, it's also the weakest track on the album. The production samples James Brown, he is once again rapping and there are these annoying women in the background. He definitely could have opened his album better than he did. Ralph really had a hit on his hands with "Sensitivity". This song was a hit when it was released and it's no wonder: The lyrics are fantastic, the vocal arrangement is great, and the production is good too. This is overall a superb song. "Alright Now" is another great song. This song was co-written by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Ralph makes a great rendition of this song, and I found myself going back to listen to it several times because it's just that good. "Do What I Gotta Do" emotes a lot of pain and uncertainty. Here, Ralph is deciding whether or not he wants to end a relationship. He brings much personality to his voice in this song. "Do What I Gotta Do" is one of Ralph's all-time best songs. Overall, this is a solid album. Ralph Tresvant is a truly talented artist and should be recognized for his vocal skills. This album is worth investing in.

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