lundi 17 novembre 2008

Barbara Mason - Lady Love ( Soul )

1. Me & Mr. Jones
2. Bed and Board
3. Who'd Ever Think
4. World War Three
5. Caught In The Middle
6. I Miss You Gordon
7. All In Love Is Fair

Barbara Mason (born 9 August 1947, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American R&B/soul singer best known for her 1965 hit song, "Yes, I'm Ready". In the early and mid 1970s, Mason toughened her persona considerably, singing about sexual love and infidelity with a frankness that was uncommon for a female soul singer in songs like "Bed and Board," "From His Woman to You," and "Shackin' Up." Sweet soul continued to be her groove, and she continued to write some of her material. But the production, as it was throughout soul in the '70s, was more funk-oriented, and at times Mason would interrupt her singing to deliver some straight-talkin' raps about romance.

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Anonyme a dit…

great singer thanks for this

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superbe! bravo!!

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Thanks !!

Carlos Blanco a dit…

merci, gracias, thanks a lot

Anonyme a dit…

Barbara Mason - Lady Love (1973) :

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