jeudi 13 novembre 2008

The Originals - The Very Best Of ( Soul )

1. Baby, I'm For Real
2. You're The One
3. I'll Wait For You
4. The Bells
5. We Can Make It Baby
6. Just To Keep You Satisfied
7. God Bless Whoever Sent You
8. I Like Your Style
9. Suspicion
10. I'm Someone Who Cares
11. Down To Love Town
12. Good Lovin' Is Just A Dime Away
13. Game Called Love
14. Once I Have You (I Will Never Let You Go)
15. Keep Me


The Originals languished on Motown's roster until Marvin Gaye took an interest in their career in 1968. Soon he'd produced and cowritten two Top 5 soul hits for the smooth quartet. The doo-wop-influenced "Baby I'm for Real" and "The Bells" are hardly the only highlights of this compilation, though--"God Bless Whoever Sent You" and the later disco smash "Down to Love Town" are near classics that deserve the new light that falls on them here. Most rewarding for Gaye fans will be an early, unreleased version of "Just to Keep You Satisfied," a song he later rewrote for Let's Get It On.

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The Originals - The Very Best Of :

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