samedi 17 novembre 2012

James Mason - Rhythm Of Life (Funk)

1. Sweet Power Ypur Embrace 
2. Good Thing 
3. Free 
4. Mbewe 
5. Funny Girl 
6. Slick City 
7. Rhythm Of Life 
8. Hey Hey Hey 
9. Ive Got My Eyes On You 
10. Dreams 

Obviously this is not the actor James Mason, but this mind movie is made by Roy Ayres guitarist of the same name. This album has a funk disco feel, but when I say this, I am not talking about mirror ball glitter, but a danceable, 1970s CTI feel. Rhythm Of Life is covered by early synthesizers, and grooves you can step to, but glide with a cool vibe and not a mirror ball stomp. The title track reminds me of listening to late 1970s FM radio: one of those amazing and novel detours a well versed DJ would take, back when DJs could cook sets the way they pleased. The rest of Rhythm Of Life does not have quite the grip of the title track, but with excellent female vocals and tight as a right foot step playing, the whole album has a compelling grip you will be digging on for a long time.

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