mercredi 21 mars 2012

Kurtis Blow - The Best of Kurtis Blow ( Funk , Rap )

1. The Breaks
2. Christmas Rappin'
3. Hard Times
4. Starlife
5. Tough
6. Daydreamin'
7. Party Time
8. One-Two-Five (Main Street Harlem U.S.A.)
9. 8 Million Stories
10. AJ Scratch
11. Basketball
12. America
13. If I Ruled The World
14. I'm Chillin

Kurtis Blow is known throughout the hip hop world as the original "King of Rap." This CD is a nice collection of some of his more popular songs. However, many of Kurtis Blow's best efforts were not released as individual singles and, thus, did not make it to this compilation. That fact aside, this CD is very good.
Everyone has heard the classic "The Breaks" as well as "Christmas Rappin" both of which stand true to Kurtis Blow form on this cd. Kurtis Blow also had classics with Basketball, 8 Million Stories and I'm Chillin. AJ Scratch is a nice ode to his dj and "Tough" has an awesome bass delivery.
Kurtis Blow was than man, and this CD certainly reflects his great vocal talents and classic hits

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