lundi 12 mars 2012

Luther Vandross - Never Too Much ( RNB, Soul )

1. Never Too Much
2. Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl
3. Don't You Know That?
4. I've Been Working
5. She's A Super Lady
6. You Stopped Loving Me
7. A House Is Not A Home

With this 1981 debut, former session and jingle singer Luther Vandross ushered in a new, lush, and shamelessly romantic era of male R&B--from the opening kick of "Never Too Much" to the sweeping ecstasy of his cover of "A House Is Not a Home" (covering pop standards would become one of Luther's trademarks). Never Too Much showcases seamless song craft, impeccable arrangements, and a voice that defines nuanced passion. Listen to Luther work his sensual magic and imagine a young Maxwell listening to Mom and Pop's albums and knowing that this is the way to get the girls.


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