dimanche 4 mars 2012

The Winans - Introducing The Winans ( Soul, Funk )

1. The Question Is
2. Self - The Winans, Winans, Carvin
3. Are We Really Doing Your Will?
4. I Know Someone
5. Goodness, Mercy and Grace
6. Fallow Ground
7. How Good It Feels to Be Loved
8. Flyin' Away - The Winans,
9. Restoration

Brothers Ronald, Marvin, Carvin, and Michael Winans (the second, third, fourth and fifth siblings of the Winans family) grew up in Detroit, Michigan and were discovered by Andrae Crouch, who signed them to Light Records. Their first record, Introducing The Winans was produced in 1981. Their style was noted for its crossover efforts and received airplay on R&B radio. The group's last recording was in 1995, but they have subsequently been involved in various Winans family projects where they are credited as "The Winans" (e.g. November 2000's Christmas: Our Gifts To You).

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