vendredi 29 juin 2012

Monk Higgins - Little Mama (Funk)

1. Little Mama 
2. Walking In My Sleep 
3. Trusting You (La, La, La Song) 
4. So Far Away 
5. Can't Stop 
6. Black Fox 
7. If 
8. Heaven Only Knows 
9. God's In The Blessing Business 
10. Highway Number 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) 

 At the same time that progressive/psychedelic musicians were moving towards a jazz structure, and Miles and alumni were pioneering fusion from the classic jazz scene, the R&B/ Funk scene saw musicians incorporating a fusion of jazz with their style. I first became familiar with Allen Toussaint doing R&BFusion. Through Toussaint, I found a version of Monk Higgins' 'Black Fox' online. I was blown away. I was able to track down this out-of-print CD on amazon. It is an amazing album if you like some funk with your cool-bop. The album has a consistency of this original sound beautifully reinforced by a women vocal chorus. 'Little Mama' and 'Black Fox' are my most recommended tracks on an album that is great to listen straight through.

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