dimanche 17 juin 2012

Wess & The Airedales - The Sound Of Soul (Soul)

A1. Chapel Of Dreams 
 A2. My sun Is Shining 
 A3. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 
 A4. Stop Foolin' Yourself 
 A5. High Heel Sneakers 
 A6. Until You Came Along 
 B1. Your Precious Love 
 B2. Where Did Our Love Go 
 B3. I'll Never Turn My Back On You 
 B4. I've Got My Eyes On You 
 B5. You Brought It All On Yourself 
 B6. She Found Out 

 Doug Fowlkes formed Wess &  The Airedales in 1961 as the Airedales. In the mid-60s the band ended up in Italy due to a military tour of duty where they added singer and bassist Wess Johnson who took over the band.

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