jeudi 12 juillet 2012

Betty Davis - Betty Davis (Funk)

1. If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up
 2. Walkin Up the Road
 3. Anti Love Song
 4. Your Man My Man
 5. Ooh Yeah
 6. Steppin In Her I. Miller Shoes
 7. Game Is My Middle Name
 8. In the Meantime 

 The smoothness of slick beats and electric guitar riffs, wild and controlled at the same time, pure SOUL that stands right up to rock n roll. Quintessence of the build-up of 70 years of blues, ten years of James Brown and a rock n roll revolution at the sunset of its birth - 1973. Vintage era for music all around with predecessors already including Clinton's early P-Funk manifestions (a lot more rock than what came later). Captain Beefheart had been in action for 7 years. The build-up of 60s soul, Sly & the Family Stone at Woodstock, JANIS JOPLIN, Miles Davis, the end of the Viet Nam war, this and that revolution, and a whole lot of other things going on behind the scenes had brought funk to a slow boil. Three years after 1970, a nexus of tangled circuits were overloading, a soul flower doesn't bloom - it explodes. No holds barred, pure freedom of expression, emphasis on the X. She expressed things few knew were there for the expressin! If you liked this one, you'll want to check out "They Say I'm Different" - though this (her first) is still my favorite.

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