lundi 16 juillet 2012

Hugh Mundell - The Blessed Youth (Reggae)

1. Rastafari Tradition
 2. Oh How I Love H.I.M.
 3. Great Tribulation
 4. Blackman'S Foundation
 5. Time Has Come
 6. Don'T Stay Away
 7. Live In Love
 8. Time & Place
 9. Feeling Allright (Extended Version)
 10. Stop'Em Jah (Extended)
 11. Short Man
 12. Can'T Pop No Style 
13. Hey Mr Richman
 14. One Jah, One Aim, One Destiny
 15. Rastafari'S Call 

 Hugh Mundell's tragic life story -- he was a promising young roots reggae singer who, at age 21, was senselessly killed during an argument over a refrigerator -- has always overshadowed any examination of his actual vocal skill, which was impressive enough when he began his career as a young teen but did not have time to mature into anything more exciting than that. His songwriting talent was similarly middling overall, but remarkable in someone so young. Most American reggae listeners, if they know his work at all, are familiar with the album Africa Must Be Free by 1983, recorded under the supervision of producer Augustus Pablo between 1975-1977; Blessed Youth brings together selections from his subsequent three albums, which were recorded at a variety of studios between 1978 and his death in 1981. The music is a bit uneven, but there are moments of real brilliance, among them the powerful "Time & Place" and the repatriation anthem "Time Has Come." Mundell's mediocre singing on "Oh How I Love H.I.M." is saved by a nice cameo on the part of DJ Jah Bull, and he is charmingly diffident on the love song "Don't Stay Away." The best introduction to Mundell's art is still Africa Must Be Free by 1983 (which includes the album's dubwise counterpart on the CD reissue), but anyone who is left wanting more will enjoy this collection just as much.

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