vendredi 13 juillet 2012

The Meters - Rejuvenation (Funk)

1. People Say 
2. Love Is For Me 
3. Just Kissed My Baby 
4. What'cha Say 
5. Jungle Man 
6. Hey Pocky A-Way 
7. It Ain't No Use 
8. Loving You Is On My Mind 
9. Africa 
10. People Say (Single Version) 
11. Hey Pocky A-Way (Single Version) 

 When the Meters jumped from the Josie label to Reprise in 1972, their new label seemed intent on crossing them over to a wider audience. Released in 1974, Rejuvenation, the Meters' second Reprise album, stands as the best of this period, with their core funk sound embellished with elements of rock and mainstream soul. The success of this album can be judged by the fact that six of these nine songs stayed fixed in the (Funky) Meters repertoire more than 25 years after they recorded them. Their version here of "Hey Pocky A-Way" stands as the song's definitive reading, but tracks such as "People Say," "Just Kissed My Baby" (featuring the contributions of Lowell George), "Jungle Man," and "Africa" are career highlights as well, retaining the power of stripped-down funk while still fleshing out the sound with punchy horns, background singers, and a more rock-oriented production. These cuts don't quite reach the level of the gloriously funky three-minute instrumental nuggets they made for Josie, but they come very close.

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