mardi 10 juillet 2012

Gramatik - Street Bangerz Vol. 1 (Instru)

1. Doin' It 
2. In My Hood 
3. Don't Get Weary 
4. Sumthin' 
5. Just Chillin' 
6. New Nautilus 
7. The Prophet 
8. Itz Over 
9. To Follow 
10. Shaft Funk 
11. Funk It Down 
12. Ass Kickin' Bass 
13. Now I Know 
14. Road Trip 
15. Bring It Fast 
16. Loungin' 
17. Lorena's Butterfly 
18. Brother 
19. U R The One 
20. I Love The Way 

 Gramatik s Street Bangerz Vol. 1 features raw and cutting edge Hip Hop beats, inspired by the classical soulful 70s with strong and warm sounds that make it the ultimate Street Soul of today. Released on Cold Busted on December 3rd, 2008 both digitally and on CD it has had a successful reception such it s prolonged spot on Beatport s Top 100 Chill Out Chart and after 3 months of climbing the German Chill Out Chart is finally at the #1 spot. And it s no wonder - full of funky and soulful beats it has an old school meets new school flavor. Complete with those warm pops from vinyl records and affective production techniques such as beat repeats, both modern day and old school lovers of Hip Hop and Funk would dig this album. Although the beats are Hip Hop such as the chill and funky Just Chillin there are some songs that have House vibes to them such as the track New Nautilus a piece to nod your head to and groove. Upon investigation, Gramatik, who is from Slovenia is no stranger to House music as he has done several House remixes most recently for the Parris Mitchell Project featuring Waxmaster. This is definitely an album to dance to, drive to, soak in with the warm rays of a sunny afternoon while barbequing to, and get ready for more. Gramatik is set to release a new album this year, along with Street Bangerz Vol. 2 on Cold Busted this coming December 2009.

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