samedi 28 juillet 2012

Dr John - Babylon (Funk/Jazz)

1. Babylon 
 2. Glowin' 
 3. Black Widow Spider 
 4. Barefoot Lady 
 5. Twilight Zone 
 6. The Patriotic Flag Waver 
 7. The Lonesome Guitar Strangler 

 Dr. John's sophmore effort replaces Gris Gris' relaxed groove with some pretty intense avant music. The first track opens like Sly Stone Riot, and later on you swear you hear moments of Van, Sun Ra and even the Captain. The man is working really hard to blow your mind here. Not his best party album, but Babylon is certainly one of a kind fascinating in its own restless, relentless way. (Even the Moral Eels like patriotic comment manages to be more interesting than as dated as you'd expect.) One can only imagine his live shows at that time, with all the silver glitter thrown at the strobe lit revelers.

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thanks - steve.

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