samedi 11 août 2012

Cameo - Ugly Ego (Funk)

1. I'll Be With You 
2. Insane 
3. Give Love A Chance 
4. I Want You 
5. Ugly Ego
 6. Anything You Wanna Do 
7. Friend To Me 
8. Two Of Us 

 Cameo play the late 70's synth funk card extremely well and where it with a flare on the thumping title song,"Insane" and just about every cut here.A note on Cameo in my opinion:where I grew up on the 'Word Up' era small band Cameo this gagantuan addition has a special sharm that I actually didn't fully partake in until I was a teenager with the advent of the Funk Essencial CD series.So I popped onto the vinyl in a used record store and over time fell in love with it's Funkadelic- inspired grooves,yowling vocals and tight arrangements.Even the few slow songs here off a nice change.So if you can afford it pick up this import-it'll change your opinion of Cameo.

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