mercredi 8 août 2012

Del The Funky Homosapien - Both Sides of the Brain (Rap)

1. Time Is Too Expensive 
 2. If You Must 
 3. Jaw Gymnastics 
 4. Pet Peeves 
 5. Press Rewind 
 6. Offspring 
 7. Style Police
 8. Fake As F**k 
 9. BM's 
 10. Skull & Crossbones 
 11. Soopa Feen 
 12. Disastrous 
 13. Signature Slogans 
 14. Catch All This 
 15. Phoney Phranchise 
 16. Proto Culture 
 17. Stay On Your Toes 

 This is, by far,the best Del album to date. YOU are not a fan of hip hop, if YOU do not have this album in your hip hop collection. Del comes with raw rhymes and great unconventional hip-hop beats (some of which he produces himself). "I'm looney with language...this art form is truly endangered", Del says on the spitting "Jaw Gymnastics". He is truly in pure MC form,as his word connections carry you through seventeen linguistical experiences. The opening track,"Time Is Too Expensive", gets the listener ready to constantly rewind or skip back to songs and re-listen to verbal blurbs from Del. Like Ghostface Killah, Del has mastered the art of "breath control",pushing the limits of rhymes-per-air-taken-in. It amazes me how much Del is underrated as an artist.More importantly, Del finds ways to elevate the hip hop genre (who can forget past tunes like "Catch A Bad One"), staying away from the Rah Rah rap that plagues most of the California scene. Del directly addresses this issue on "Stay On Your Toes",saying "I know you're hungry too... I need food...but I don't re-do what he do... I'm lethal". One of the highlights on this album is the ode to video game life, "Proto Culture",which offers visual and reminiscent imagery about growing up in the game development culture.Khaos Unique also does a guest spot on this song, adding their gaming tidbits. El-P,from Company Flow, also appears on a tune with Del-- "Offspring",and definately commands the attention of the listener. One of the most catchiest songs and hooks for this album appears on "Skull and Crossbones". Del spits the lines,"Give me the keys...I'm ok... Quit telling me I'm drunk... I've only had five hurricanes", which will undoubtedly surface a few times in the listener's head! On "BM's", Del shows how good of a beat composer he has become. Del presents a very thumping and atmospheric sound,as he contemplates 'slowing down'."Phoney Phranchise" serves as the call to hip hop tune. Del ponders his verbal powers when he says, "Bench press rappers...doing sets...with my syntax". For a great laugh,one can't miss listening to "Soopa Feen",as Del talks about this guy,who interacts with some funny interventions. The head knodding underground hip hop purist will definately love "Press Rewind" (I would have loved to hear Ghostface spit over this one)!Del speaks with conviction,when he rips the line, "Who ever hearing this... Deltron Z be a lyricist...Fronting on your fake false appearances". You Can not contest that.......

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