mercredi 8 août 2012

Thrid World - 96 Degrees In The Shade (Reggae)

1. Jah Glory
 2. Tribal War
 3. Dreamland
 4. Feel A Little Better
 5. Human Market Place
 6. Third World Man
 7. 1865 (96º In The Shade)
 8. Rhythm Of Life 

 "96 Degrees in the Shade" is Third World's most militant album, and in my opinion their best album so far. I loved this album on vinyl in the 1970's, so I was delighted to find it available on CD now. Beautiful melodies, strong roots rhythms, masterful musical arrangements and superb musicianship combine with powerful Rastafarian lyrical messages to make this CD a "must have" for anyone who appreciates great reggae music. The title of the album derives from the refrain of its best-known and most moving track, but the original and true title of the song is "1865." This reggae ballad is a narrative tribute to Jamaican freedom fighter Paul Bogle, who was hanged for leading a slave revolt in 1865, but was named a national hero 100 years later. This should be a lesson from history regarding the death penalty, not only in Jamaica and other Third World countries, but also in the United States, where capital punishment continues to be used extensively and almost exclusively as a weapon of genocide and political repression. Third World's lyrics are as relevant now as they were in the 1970's: "Some may suffer and some may burn, "But I know one day my people will learn, "As sure as the sun is shining way up in the sky, "Today I stand here a victim, the truth is I'll never die." (Third World, "1865") "96 Degrees in the Shade" is reggae music at its best. Enjoy - and learn!

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any idea on where to download this? it's not available on our local shop here. I'm a collector of Reggae music and I love to have a copy of Third World's 96 degrees.

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I love regae music
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