mercredi 1 août 2012

Common - Can I Borrow A Dollar (Rap)

1. A Penny For My Thoughts
 2. Charms Alarm 
 3. Take It EZ 
 4. Heidi Hoe 
 5. Breaker 1/9 
 6. Two Scoops of Raisons
 7. No Defense
 8. Blows To The Temple
 9. Just In The Nick Of Rhyme
 10. Tricks Up My Sleeve
 11. Puppy Chow
 12. Soul By The Pound 
 13. Pitchin' Pennies 

 Common's first album Can I Borrow A Dollar? may surprise those who are looking for some of Common's mature/insightful lyrics. Instead, Common offers up some humorous lines and songs that are just meant not to be taken seriously. Tracks such as "Breaker 1/9" show Common's humorous side while "Take It EZ" and "Penny For My Thoughts" have Common displaying his amazing lyrical skills. The production is mostly solid (especially the Beatnuts' beat for "Heidi Hoe"), but it still can't compare to the jazzy and diverse beats used on Resurrection. Some may also find it disappointing that "Soul By The Pound" isn't in its famous remix form, although the original is still very good. If you are looking for something just to sit back and nod your head to, Can I Borrow A Dollar? might be what you are looking for.

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