vendredi 17 août 2012

Switch - The Best Of (Funk/Soul)

1. There'll Never Be 
2. I Wanna Be Closer 
3. Best Beat In Town 
4. I Call Your Name 
5. Don't Take My Love Away 
6. Love Over And Over Again 
7. You And I 
8. I Do Love You 
9. Call On Me 
10. (You Pulled A) Switch 
11. My Friend In The Sky 
12. Next To You 

 With songs custom-made for those tender moments up at Inspiration Point ("There'll Never Be," "I Wanna Be Closer," "I Call Your Name," "Love Over And Over Again"), Switch was a hot Motown band who came on the scene at a time when that label really needed them. At the time of Switch's debut release in 1978, Motown had lost The Four Tops, The Temptations, Martha Reeves, The Marvelettes and Mary Wells, and had also been without The Jackson 5 for a couple of years. Of the star artists that remained, only Stevie Wonder still had mass appeal with the younger crowd. Switch and Rick James were Motown's (successful) effort at turning that trend. The creative mainstays of the band of multi-instrumentalists were Bobby DeBarge and Greg Williams, who wrote and produced the bulk of Switch's hits. (Bobby wrote some beautiful songs with his sister, Bunny, for some of the group's later albums.) Switch was obviously quite adept at churning out songs to get busy by, but they got down too, on cuts like "Best Beat In Town," "We Like To Party," "You Pulled A Switch," and "Go On Doin' What You Feel." I feel the inclusion of a few songs ("I Wanna Be With You," "Why'd You Let Love Fall," and "This Is My Dream") would have made this collection 5 stars. The group was outstanding in concert, and was a big hit with the ladies. Bobby DeBarge was an outstanding singer, as well as a crack writer and producer. But perhaps his greatest gift to popular music was the introduction of his brother, El. Bobby was a huge influence on his younger brother. El grew to have a singing style very similar to that of his mentor. He also became a reknowned writer and producer. Bobby DeBarge produced the first album on the family act (DeBarge) led by El. Switch's star seemed to fade just as that of DeBarge rose. After 5 lps for Motown, Bobby and brother Tommy left Switch, and the group left Motown for Total Experience Records, before fading from sight. When El and sister Bunny left DeBarge for the solo spotlight, Bobby took their place in a four-man version of DeBarge. The one album from that union, "Bad Boys," was a good effort produced by Bobby and brother James. Sadly, Bobby and his solo-star brother Chico were incarcerated on drug charges soon after that album. Bobby DeBarge contracted AIDS from drug use while behind bars. By the time he was released, he was in very ill health. But he released a solo album, "It's Not Over," before his tragic death. It had a very up-to-date sound and is worth looking for. Chico DeBarge served his time and has returned to the charts. He has insisted in interviews since his release, that he and Bobby were not involved in drug dealing and were made scapegoats. El has had tremendous highs in his career, but is a very religious man. He has kept a very low profile since his brother's death. This compilation of the best of Switch is the legacy of Bobby DeBarge. He should be remembered for being the gifted musician and unselfish brother he was. Comment |

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I love this album

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I love this album
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