mardi 10 avril 2012

Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat 1980 -1985 (Rap/Funk)

1. Zulu Nation Throwdown (LP Version)
2. Zulu Nation Throwdown (LP Version)
3. Jazzy Sensation (Bronx Version)
4. Don't Stop...Planet Rock (Vocal Version)
5. Looking For The Perfect Beat (LP Version)
6. Renegades Of Funk (12" Vocal Version)
7. Frantic Situation (Vocal Version)
8. Unity Part 1 (The Third Coming) 
9. Who Do You Think Your Funkin' With? (Hip Hop Mix)
10. What Time Is It (Live Version) 
11. Funk You (LP Version)

 I've waited for a compilation of Bam's hit sides since they were still fresh. There's not a wack track in the bunch. The music is not only amazing, but artistically forward. While the rest of the burgeoning hip-hop nation was just rhyming over looped disco tracks, Bam borrowed from Stockhausen and put the music miles ahead of its competition artistically. The idiom of hip-hop, or any pop music, has rarely been so avant garde. Also, extra props are due as these sides commemorate an era when hip-hop and rock were just part of the same game, with either side able to dance to the other. Run-DMC get all the props from the early 80s, and they do deserve it, but Afrika Bambatta was a real revolutionary. Any hip-hop record today can trace its roots back to Bam.

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