lundi 23 avril 2012

Ethnic Stew - Tribe (Soul/Funk)

A1 The World Should Learn To Party Together
 A2 Lovin' On The Outside
 A3 Tribe
 A4 We've Got To Live Together
 A5 Think People
 B1 Young Warrior
 B2 Let Me Into Your Life
 B3 Siggy Siggy
 B4 What Am I Gonna Tell My Wife
 B5 Smoke (Part.1)

 It is a forgotten gem of 70's soul-funk. This is the first edition of the group Tribe that was founded and produced by Big Dee Ervin. The Members from Right to Left are: Benton Miles Little (Drums & Vocals),Donald D. Eubanks (Percussion & Vocals),Earl J. Foster Jr. (Keyboards & Vocals),Edward H. Romias (Guitar & Vocals),Robert P. Apodaca (Bass & Vocals)

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