vendredi 6 avril 2012

Eramus hall - Your Love Is My Desire ( Funk )

1. Your Love Is My Desire
2. She Shined A Light
3. Feelin' Higher
4. Think Positively
5. Stuck In The Mudd
6. Just Me 'N' You
7. Funk Permit
8. Super Funk
9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (As You Do Today)
10. Do The Rock
11. Life Has Feeling

Eramus Hall was an obscure funk/soul group that recorded two rare albums released on Westbound in the early '80s. Despite the misleading name, Eramus Hall was indeed a group and not a solo artist; the group took its name from a historical building located in Chicago. They recorded their debut album (Your Love Is My Desire) in late 1978 but Westbound, their Detroit-based label, didn't release it until 1980. Hardly any copies of the minimally pressed album made it outside of Detroit, so several soul fans and insiders wondered whether or not it actually existed. Go Head, the group's second and final album, was released on Capitol in 1984. Like its predecessor, it failed to make much of an impression. As the years carried on, interest in the band's debut, specifically the title cut and "Just Me 'n' You," picked up. The U.K.-based Ace label reissued the album on vinyl -- and then later on CD -- in the late '90s.

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