vendredi 31 octobre 2008

Sun - Wanna Make Love ( Funk )

1. Live On, Dream On
2. Tell The People
3. My Woman
4. They're Calling For Me
5. Wanna Make Love
6. Love Is Never Sure
7. Show Is Over
8. It's Killing Me
9. Give Your Love To Me

One of the greatest records ever cut by Sun -- the late 70s funk group who some excellent albums for Capitol Records -- a group whose records never made the charts as strongly as their contemporaries, but not for lack of quality! This set's a great batch of heavy ensemble funk with an edge that's not always heard on other Sun records -- lots of razor-sharp guitars riffing away in saw-cut modes, striking hard at the grooves of the record, and chilling out nicely for the mellower cuts. The blend is wonderful -- totally tight, and totally top-shelf all the way through -- yet never in a commercial way at all. Titles include "Wanna Make Love", "My Woman", "Live On Dream On", "The Show Is Over", "Love Is Never Sure", and "They're Calling For Me".

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jerome green a dit…

Hi Sogoodmusic,

Thanks for shining the Sun on us.

Peace, Jerome

fuxarko a dit…

Great share! Thanks a lot for this torrid gemm!

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ford1978 a dit…

Thank you for this late 70's post

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