dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Glen Brown & King Tubby - Termination Dub ( Reggae )

1. Wicked Tumbling Version
2. Termination Dub
3. Save Our Dub
4. Leggo The Herbman Dub
5. World Dub: Away With The Bad
6. Dub Universal
7. Wicked Can't Run This
8. Assack Lawn No.1 Dub Version 1
9. Assack Lawn No.1 Dub Version 2
10. Father For The Living Dubwise
11. There's Dub
12. Version 78 Style
13. Lambs Bread Dubwise
14. Melodica International


A combination of Rhythm Master Glen Brown and Dubmaster King Tubby that just can't miss! Glen's superheavy rhythms, raw and melodic at the same time, are dubbed to perfection by the master. Several cuts prominently feature the tenor sax of Richard 'Dirty Harry' Hall, most notably the title track, a previously unreleased Tubby dub of Glen's famous 'Dirty Harry' rhythm

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Thanks for all the good music you share! The title of the blog really says it all...

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I am new to this sight.
Vive la france

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Glen Brown & King Tubby - Termination Dub :