jeudi 23 octobre 2008

DeBarge - In A Special Way ( Soul, Funk, RnB )

1. Be My Lady
2. Stay With Me
3. Time Will Reveal
4. Need Somebody
5. Love Me In A Special Way
6. Queen Of My Heart
7. Baby, Won't Cha Come Quick 4:35 $0.99
8. I Give Up On You 3:46 $0.99
9. A Dream


In A Special Way is a 1983 album released by family singing group DeBarge released on the Gordy label.
Produced, by El DeBarge and the writing credits varying from El, Marty, James and Bunny, the album reached gold after the releases of the following singles "Time Will Reveal" and "Love Me In a Special Way", which hit number one on the Billboard R&B and adult contemporary singles chart respectively.
The album is most memorable for not only its singles but album tracks such as "Stay with Me" (led by El DeBarge) and "A Dream" (sung and penned by sister Bunny). The album has been regarded by some critics as a "classic" in the family group's catalog.

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Anonyme a dit…

songs of my youth, thank you

GII a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for posting this.
Its oop on cd & goes for $75 on ebay.
You are the man! And happy 48th Birthday today to Maestro El Debarge.

Anonyme a dit…

DeBarge - In A Special Way (1983) :

Audentity a dit…

Thanks! Never heard this album before. It was the album-of-the-day on on 12/28/2010. Had to check it out.