mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers ( Reggae )

1. Rockers Dub
2. Up Warrika Hill
3. Cassava Piece
4. Tubby's Dub Song
5. Jah Dread
6. Brace A Boy
7. Thunder Clap
8. Park Lane Special
9. New Style
10. AP Special
11. Tubby's Dub Song (dub version 2)
12. Brace A Boy (dub version 2)


In retrospect, it's difficult to believe that this remarkable dub recording dates from 1979. Augustus Pablo, a musician of undervalued imagination and talent, lays down some eerie and hauntingly beautiful dub on this project, which came during the peak of his creative and commercial success. Accented by his thin, arching melodica, Pablo's dub is deep and heady, barely giving way to the percolating vocals that only suggest melodies and lyrics, rather than stating them outright. Original Rockers was recorded at the legendary studio of the great reggae producer King Tubby, and though the recording quality varies wildly, the thoughtful, quiet dub moves forward without hesitation.

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Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers :

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