jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Musiq - Juslisen ( Soul, RnB )

1. Intro
2. Newness
3. Caughtup
4. Stopplayin
5. Religious
6. Babygirl
7. Halfcrazy
8. Time
9. Future
10. Intermission
11. Realove
12. Onenight
13. Previouscats
14. Solong
15. Bestfriend
16. Dontchange
17. Motherfather
18. Something


Taalib Johnson (born September 16, 1977) better known by his stage name Musiq Soulchild or Musiq is a soul artist whose style blends contemporary R&B, soul, funk, alternative, blues, jazz and hip hop.
The second album from Philadelphia's Musiq keeps the quality level high, mixing equal parts Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, and D'Angelo to good effect. Musiq's voice has noticeably matured--the puppy edge of Aijuswanaseing is gone--resulting in a rich tone that reflects a stylistic progression in his music. He's also expanded into new areas, including a slight touch of bossa nova on the excellent "Half Crazy." Meanwhile, "Caught Up" and "Religious" have a late-'80s Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy feel, heralding a tougher hip-hop sound than the spangle-eyed, jelly-kneed love paeans Musiq included on the first album (such as "Girl Next Door" and "143"). Having said that, Aijuswanaseing remains the essential Musiq starting point, as there's little here that matches the genius of "Speechless" or "You Be Alright." But for those who want to hear the sound of an artist growing up, Juslisen is required listening.
Musiq states “I like to make music that means something to people, nowadays there are so many categories and labels, I just wanna make music that matters!”

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