vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Greensleeves - Various Artists 12" Rulers: Henry Junjo Lawes (Reggae)

1. Gunman - Michael Prophet 
2. Wa-Do-Dem - Eek-A-Mouse 
3. Look Youthman - Barrington Levy 
4. Saturday Night Jamboree - Wayne Jarrett 
5. Fire House Rock - Wailing Souls 
6. Slavemaster - Flick Wilson
7. Give Another Isreal a Try - Barry Brown 
8. Mr. False Preacher - Triston Palma 
9. Another One Bites the Dust - Clint Eastwood 
10. Who Can Make the Dance Ram - Yellowman 
11. Diseases - Smiley 

 I'll keep this short because I'm too busy enjoying the music. No filler here -- just great 12" versions that will rock your party. High points include "Wah Do Dem" by Eek-A-Mouse, "Look Youthman" by Barrington Levy and my personal favorite, a stunning 7:56 long version of "Firehouse Rock" from the Wailing Souls, which closes out with about three righteous minutes of crackling, rocking dub. If you've only heard the LP versions of these songs, you haven't really heard them. The 12" versions are so much better, combining the original hits with necessary B-side dub remix versions in all their trance-inducing fury. What I especially love about the musical period represented here is that the electronics never got in the way of the melodies or the performances, in contrast to the often over-processed sound of today's music. This is a fine additon to your conscious party. Enjoy and peace.

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Merci pour la musique de qualité

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