jeudi 6 septembre 2012

MC5 - Back In The USA (Rock)

1. Tutti-Frutti 
2. Tonight 
3. Teenage Lust 
4. Let Me Try 
5. Looking At You 
6. High School 
7. Call Me Animal 
8. The American Ruse 
9. Shakin' Street 
10. The Human Being Lawnmower 
11. Back In The USA 

 OK kids, it's rockin' time! Detroit's MC5 kicked off the '70s with a bang on Back in the USA, released January 15, 1970. A roadmap for punk's class of '77, the album condensed the epic, throbbing sprawl of Kick Out the Jams into the pure essence of rock & roll: machine gun blasts of pure energy and hooks, with nods to the founding fathers (Chuck Berry and Little Richard) and freshly-minted teen anthems for the ages ("Shakin' Street," "High School," "Tonight," "Teenage Lust," etc., etc.).

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