samedi 29 septembre 2012

Tower Of Power - In The Slot (Funk)

1. Just Enough And Too Much 
2. Treat Me Like Your Man 
3. If I Play My Cards Right 
4. As Surely As I Stand Here 
5. Fanfare: Matanuska 
6. On The Serious Side 
7. Ebony Jam 
8. You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous 
9. Vuela Por Noche 
10. Essence Of Innocence 
11. The Soul Of A Child 
12. Drop It In The Slot 

 Anyone who really knows TOP, knows, that Lenny Williams was the most incredible lead vocalist TOP has had, or will ever have. With that being said, new vocalist Hubert Tubbs had a tough act to follow, and filled the space admirably. His vocals on this album really are soulful, gruff, funky and moving. The songs here, 3 or 4 being instrumentals, are all first-rate TOP. The horn and rhythm section on this album is the BEST that TOP has ever had, period! Along with the albums "Bump City", "Tower Of Power", "Back To Oakland", "Urban Renewal" and "Live And In Living Color", this album is truly a gem among those other TOP classics!! And most important, it is funky like a mo-fo!

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