lundi 17 septembre 2012

Nice & Smooth - Ain't A Damn Thing Changed (Rap)

1. Harmonize
 2. Cake & Eat It Too
 3. Down The Line
 4. Sometimes I Rhyme Slow [Explicit]
 5. Paranoia
 6. Sex, Sex, Sex
 7. "Billy-Gene"
 8. How To Flow
 9. Hip Hop Junkies
 10. One, Two And One More Makes Three
 11. Pump It Up
 12. Medley: Step By Step

Released back in 1991, this was an underrated debut album from the duo known as Nice & Smooth. The two offer some of the most creative hip-hop of all-time, especially with songs like "Hip-Hop Junkies". Of course, most people have never heard anything like the voice of Greg Nice, but that's the beauty of this album.

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Anonyme a dit…

Classique musique hip-hop. Merci.

sogoodmusic a dit…